[Karma] Karma has been released! (Windows & Linux)


Linux and Mac version will be released in next season. We need to do more tests.

Linux version has been released!

[Karma] Karma was greenlit! Will be released soon.

We've received email from steam team saying that Karma was greenlit and can be sold on steam now. Very exciting news. We are on the way.

[Karma] Karma is now on Steam Greenlight! Need your support right now.

Karma is now on Steam Greenlight and we are still enhancing this game.
We need your vote to make it to the Steam store! Please vote us at: Steam Greenlight: Karma

[Karma] Karma is now available on Amazon!!

Hi everybody, Karma is now available on Amazon for $4.9.
Go check it: Karma - Amazon page
And hey, mobile version is also on amazon mobile market too.
Enjoy the game!

[Karma] We've uploaded game demo to IGF China

Let's wait for something good happening.
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