[SOL] Story Of Legends

1. 200 square kilometers map with no limit. Not only that, the earth is a ball so there is no edge of map. If you travel at one direction and you will finally come back from the other side. (Then you will get an achievement called "Earth Is Round") This world is called "Kenzoland".

2. Craft system: Cut down trees and get lumber. Mining and get stones. The use your lumber and stones to craft a house. Drag it out and put it on to the ground: Now you have your own house! Create more goods to decorate it. Lights, desks, chairs, beds, anything!

3. Chariot system: Yes, chariots! Chariots is romance of MEN! You can buy, or craft a chariot, or improve a current one.

4. Races: Oh my god, I don't know how to describe this. "Story Of Legends" will have more than 30 playable races! My goal is 50, I'm not kidding. And your race affects a lot, even completely change your game style. Let me give you an example: If you are a demon, you starts with Lv.10 of all combat skills and 20 extra points for all properties, but everyone will attack you, even another demon. Another example, if you are a undead, at night, you will die for no reason. No one can kill you at night. But you will die as soon as you are under sunlight. One more example. If you are an Angel, you also starts with 20 extra points for all properties and Lv.10 of all combat skills, but you can never attack a being except a Demon. Even they attacked you first, all things you can do is just run.
There are lots more surprises lying in Races of SOL. Want to see them? You can make it happen (By pre-order it).

5. Wanted system: "Dolomi has killed 35 innocent people, he must be taken care of. $100000 for his head, we need him dead with no mercy. " "I just fucking hate Michael Chen. And I'm fucking rich. Take him to me alive, $5000000 is yours!"
I think I don't need to explain more.
Oh just one thing. Not all wanted in SOL is right. They may be evil. You decide what to do. Also, if you are too famous in Kezoland, your head may also have a price.

6. NPCs: Did you feel lonely when you are playing Terraria or Mine Craft without any friends together. I mean you are very happy when playing those games but you still feel lonely. No, that won't happen in Kenzoland. Because there're so many people here. Different races, different countries. They can be your friends, or enemies. Someone likes you, some one hates you. Someone are afraid of you because you are strong. Someone are loyal to you because you are the King, and a good one.
Oh why you can be a king? That's more exciting than your thought!

7. Countries: Well, you don't like playing RPG, you think that's not a man's game. A man should play strategy games, to operate a country, or a city. War, or defend his own land, like Civilization V. Don't worry, Kenzoland welcomes everyone.
If you are thinking "Country is just a camp property of a character", that's completely wrong. Each country has its own tech tree. New facilities and goods are unlocked by this tech tree. The technology level of your life is decided by the technology level of your country. For example, if your King decided not to development Mobile Weapon, you won't be able to Craft a Chariot. Cause no one in your country knows how to do that.
And if you are brave enough to walk into an enemy country.... You are dead man.
Now did I say you can be the King?
Yes, you can. You can create your own country in any land with no owner. Attract people to come to your land. Now you are the king.
But be careful, small countries are targets of those big countries.

8. All Legends system: This is a story of legends. Not only you are creating legends, NPCs also. You will sometimes find a monument with a legend wrote on it. "A chicken named 'Thunder' dodged 10 times attack in a row. Incredible for a chicken, it must be protected by Kenzo the maker. " And if you can find all legends about Kenzo the maker, you may find a great secret of him.

9.Dungeons: Not all Demons are like you, running on the surface of Kenzoland and fear for nothing. Most of them are hiding beneath the ground, in Dungeons. You will sometimes find a Dungeon. And you can get in. Kill the Demon there, or be killed there. Except for rare materials, you are also creating new legends.

10. These are not everything. This game has so many contents that I can promise you 200+ hours of your life will be wasted on this game. "Story Of Legends" will have more than 40 DLCs (I'm serious) and most of them will be free. This game is not only another game developed by Michael Chen. This is Michael's life. Michael will keep updating SOL for at least 5 years. He has too many things to implement.Finally you may find SOL includes racing, sports, shooter games.
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